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St.Xavier's College, Ranchi (Department of Animation)

The Computer Animation department was first established in St. Xavier's College (Autonomous) Ranchi, in the year of 2009.
In the department, we believe that design shapes our objects, environments, communication and many of our interactions.
Design at Xavier’s is all encompassing, coexists in an active triadic relationship with design education, design study and design
Design education - to train and propagate; design study - to seek, analyze experiment, integrate; and design practice to
apply, implement and realize. The department strives towards creating an excellent didactic environment with foundations
in these areas to prepare professionals and visionaries of tomorrow.

The one question I get asked
most often from the students
or the guardians is the "which
animation school should I go
to?" question. That's still a
tricky question to answer but
the good news is with the rise
of Pixar Animation Studios,
DreamWorks and other
animation studios becoming a
professional animator is
actually a viable career path.
We have